For a Senior Regulatory Compliance Professional

X+ years of compliance experience in banking capital markets, brokerage and investment firms, ensuring strict adherence to legal and financial regulations to alleviate risk exposure, facilitate smooth audits, and enable company profitability. Adept at maintaining pulse on company operations to monitor, investigate, and ensure fulfillment of regulatory obligations and alignment of compliance policies. Advise key decision makers on regulatory and compliance requirements to aid in development of strategic solutions that support new programs.

Registered investment advisor whose wide-ranging expertise spans Investment Advisers Act of 1940, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission/National Futures Association (CFTC/NFA), Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB), Financial Industry Regulatory (FINRA), Dodd Frank, and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) laws and regulations.


For a Fresh Chemical Engineer

Entry-level chemical engineer seeking to combine advanced coursework and hands-on experience in wastewater treatment into a challenging career solving practical problems and contributing to useful products within the oil and gas industry. Big-picture thinker who maintains the ability to analyze and troubleshoot the smallest aspect of raw ingredients, processes, and other external forces to identify problems and improve output. Thorough understanding of laboratory operations and active contributor to improving daily operations. A determined problem solver with a strong commitment to success, an obsessive desire to product quality work, and a need for self-improvement

  • Readily uses spreadsheets, industry-standard software, and other tools to identify efficient processes, optimize unit operation, and determine how changes in input will affect output
  • Demonstrated capability of translating theories learned in class such as troubleshooting equipment, costing personnel resources, and process design into “real world” application
  • Actively pursues additional knowledge of environmental field and regulations, from technical and practical perspectives.
  • Willing to relocate- willing to travel

 For The Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

15+ years of experience in domain of  financial planning and analysis, with exposure of working in financial services, manufacturing, and retail distribution, backed by a proven track record of getting associated with  high-growth, multinational companies. Exceptional knowledge of accounting concepts, standards and practices, and fiscal planning. Strong financial acumen and extensive understanding of business drivers. Exhibits professional standards of integrity and ethics in all transactions. Solid academic background in finance.

  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge of financial assessments and identifies key metrics critical to business performance
  • Excellent analytical, critical thinking, innovative, problem-solving, and organizational skills with strong attention in detail
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to work with cross-functional teams
  • Effectively interfaces with all levels of financial and IT management teams
  • Strong leadership skills with an emphasis on teamwork, innovation and integrity
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills with the ability to deliver strategic messages to senior leadership
  • Works with complex concepts, analyzes data, and makes recommendations for increased productivity
  • Solid judgment skills, with the ability to work in fast-paced and challenging environments and consistently meet deadlines


For The Director of National & Global Accounts

  • Talented and profit driven sales professional with rich experience of over X years in sales & business development, channel development, risk analysis of dealers, logistics & distribution, business operations, product launches, and team leadership.
  • Strong commercial acumen in administering the overall Sales functions including monitoring of inventory, managing channel partners, C&F Management across rural and urban areas.
  • Effective people management skills; capable of developing new/ emerging markets, lead core teams in new set-ups, product segment or business verticals in sales & marketing.
  • Strategic-relationship and partnership-building skills – listen attentively, solve problems creatively and use tact and diplomacy to achieve win-win outcomes.
  • Builds and nurtures long-term customer relationships with executive-level decision makers; easily develops rapport with c-level management
  • Strong contract development, negotiating, and implementation skills
  • Leads the planning process for new product launches for managed care and commercial payers
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; delivers high-impact presentations
  • Multitasker with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously in fast-paced environment with changing requirements and priorities
  • Manages strategic planning process, prepares forecasts, and develops growth strategies
  • Cross-functional team leadership skills with CAMs, RAMs, marketing, field sales, customers.


 For E-Commerce Marketing Professional

Accomplished Senior Executive with a strong affinity for technology and a keen business sense for the application of emerging products to add value and expand markets

Proven talent for identifying core business needs and translating into technical deliverables. Launched and managed cutting-edge Internet programs and services to win new customers, generate revenue gains, and increase brand value

Unique combination of technical and business/sales experience. Articulate and persuasive in defining the benefits of e-commerce technologies, differentiating offering, and increasing customer retention. Highly self-motivated, enthusiastic, and profit oriented


For Logistics Management Professional

Supply chain leader with X years experience demonstrating consistent professional growth through achievement in planning and purchasing for global distribution. Demonstrated talent in leading and managing unified teams, ensuring company goals are always achieved. Technically astute, with skills in Kanban, SAP, BAAN, and Microsoft Access. Demonstrated knowledge in lean manufacturing. Experienced with development and execution of enterprise-wide redundancy elimination that increases productivity and improve quality. Strategic planner with well-honed analytic and technical proficiencies; adept in globe-spanning business initiatives and excels in the complex, time-sensitive world of logistics


For Branch Manager Profile

Branch Manager & Loan Officer with 12 years of experience managing branch banking and lending activities, improving business processes, and leading a team of financial services professional who generate approximately $9 million in loans each year

  • Strategic Business Leader who leverages financial data and market trends analysis to drive business decisions
  • Credit Administrator proficient in interviewing clients, gathering financial information, processing loan applications, analyzing and interpreting credit quality for loan approval or denial, and closing asset-based loans
  • Compliance Resource for fair lending and responsible banking laws. Solid understanding of Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Interagency Fair lending Examination (IFLEP), and CRA Examination Procedures (CRAEP)
  • Loan Manager with knowledge and experience in asset management/valuation, working with distressed properties and reviewing collateral reporting packages comprised of accounts receivable aging, inventory reports, sales journals, cash receipts registers, accounts payable listings, and other financial reports