I was reading somewhere today about THE WEAK AREAS OF EDUCATION. There were about 15 of them. I am trying to give a new way of looking at these problems. First set of weak areas ( I have clubbed the pain areas)


1.Communication/ InterPersonal Skills /Interview Skills : In India Communication means English.Whereas in real, it is the way you speak your mind and keep you thoughts in front of the others. The level of confidence should be given a boost so much so that the students of all age group feel free to speak about anything to anyone but with POISE. This would come only if they are told that no matter what language they chose, speak right words and they will be HEARD.


2. Ethics/Character/ Culture / Social Connectivity : Have you ever seen a child when he is 2 or 3 years old? Have you ever questioned his character or judged him on these parameters? Then why with passing years his character and culture starts getting questioned and becomes a matter of their weak areas. Its just because of the way he is brought up. We as parents say ” Beta Don’t LIE to anyone”. But my question is, who told him “WHAT IS LIE?” So rather than using negative statements with a child start using ” ALWAYS SPEAK TRUTH?”. The basic idea is inculcate positive atmosphere around the students and this will result in resolving these pain areas.


3.Time Management/ Analytical Skills/ Critical Thinking : These are heavy words. Time Management is very interesting and well known topic among all age groups. But I say ” WHY TO MANAGE TIME”. One should always be on a learning mode. Learn from every bit of your time. Even if you are doing NOTHING, learn from that. Learn from your surroundings and then if you are always on learning mode you will not have to MANAGE TIME and you will observe that your analytical skills and critical thinking will become immensely strong.


4. Application / Technology / Data Analysis / Design Thinking : Though couldn’t infer much about these problems of students of today’s Era but i am sure these can be handled well by using practical examples and case studies.


5. Team Skills : If we work on all the above areas as a team with students i dont find any reason why we would not be able to address this area of concern with ease