Professionals who grow up the ladder in same Industry, Who give more than 15 years of their life to a similar environment, often end up in a gist when their Industries see a downfall.

And it is evident that no Industry always see a Up Curve. Every Industry see a downsize period.The tough clouds float on each Industry from time to time. So during this how does these professionals survive you have just grown and have done tremendous amount of work to make this Industry grow and achieve new heights.

During the tough phase, when these professionals start looking out for a new job in some other industries, they are looked at as if they are from some other planet. The moment a message pops up on the screen “I am looking for a job.Please help me”, the window is closed seeing the name of organizations he has worked with.

This is a plight of Indian market. The top performers are sitting at home without a job and “NOT SO TALENTED” leaders are leading a team only because their Industry is flourishing today.

These days  (thanks to my resume writing passion that has given me an opportunity to talk to professionals across Industries; else I was also confined to my BFSI domain earlier) I come across so many fantastic profiles who can speak abut their achievements and accolades for hours, but are sitting at home without a JOB.

C’mon GUYS. WAKE UP!!!! A Special knock at the doors of HR professionals of flourishing Industries. Start looking at resumes not concentrating on the names of Organizations they have worked with; BUT SKILLS they have.

Dont think a ready made material will start performing on DAY 1. Even if you hire a professional from competition, he will bring with him monotony of his previous JOB. What he was doing earlier, is what he will be doing now. He is only joining you because you are offering him a higher designation and more money. He will move out soon as he gets an offer from yet another competition of yours. For you also then the talent pool gets limited. He will not bring any freshness on the floor

But if you hire someone based on his skills, especially the one who has been at home for few months because of HIS industry downsize, he will value this role and new responsibility

He will bring in new thoughts, new ideas, new ways to improve the businesses, something out of teh box. He might take 10 to 15 days more to understand the knitty gritties of the business, but the zeal would be at a different high.

Change the Perception, take small risk today and you will see a much prosperous and growing Indian Economy soon.

I have taken a pledge to support these professional in whatever way I could. But I know I am too small to do all this all alone. Who all can join hands with me.