There are certain things for you to consider while crafting a resume to apply in International markets

• There need to be a resume specifically targeting one job. For International markets don’t plan to have a generic resume fit for all jobs. The Summary needs to clearly reflect why you are suitable for applying to a job in hand

• When creating your new resume for International market, you need to ensure that it is laid out correctly and chronologically in below fashion

 Contact Information
 Headline
 Professional/Career Summary
 Work Experience
 Education/Professional Development

• Professional Resume headline statement is super important to get you the right job. This Headline is a direct hint of why you are suitable for the Job you are applying for

• The Summary should justify your Headline. It should have key achievements that reflects what benefit you bring on table if the employer hires you and why you are so keen to join in the role

• Avoid long paragraphs and small fonts. Use an easily readable font and make sure that only one font is used throughout

• Make resume readable and avoid overloaded information in the profile

• There is no reason we can’t incorporate relevant information in 2 pages even if the experience is more than 20 years. Lay emphasis on relevant information and not ALL information

• Don’t include the word ‘resume’ or ‘cv’ at the top of the page, or the date you prepared the document

• Don’t list your date of birth, gender, marital status, or parent’s name. Write what shows you as a relevant candidate for the JOB.

In nutshell, A short draft with just WRITE information is what is sought after in International Market.