Have you ever asked your Boss for a promotion? Or have you even thought about asking? I am sure all of us do prepare ourselves to discuss about out next promotion with our boss. But all of us do feel vulnerable asking for a promotion. entire year we work with full zeal and end of the year out promotion decision lies in someone else’ hands.

But to move ahead in your career,you’ll need to advocate yourself. One cant just relax and say that I have given my 100% and now Organization will take care of rest of the things.

In simple words, ” If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

So how to prepare for that promotion discussion with your boss is what I am trying to list down in few simple steps

Step 1: Reflect :
First decide what you want? Do you want more Money? Or Do you want more Power? Or More Managerial responsibilities ? Or all of these. Do you intend to take up someone else’ position or create a new role for yourself?

Step 2: Do Some research :
As you move up the ladder, its not only your Boss who decides your promotion; Your Manager’s peers have their own Inputs as well. So make sure you know what they think of You. Remember you have to be someone other people are willing to follow

Step 3: Build your Case
Once you know what you want and you are confident about your reputation in the department, prepare a one pager ot a 2 pager Memo to reflect what all have you done in last financial year for the organization. Provide concrete numbers that show your worth. You need to prove with instances that you are already doing the work of the position you are asking for. Also include how you are helping your peers and sub-ordinates enhance their skills to move up the ladder.

And last but not the least. Perfect timing is very Important. Don’t go and ask for promotion when organization is undergoing crisis or a deal which was about to get closed slipped off hands. The atmosphere in the office should be joyful and full of excitement and positive energy.

Just Remember Managers do things right and Leaders do the right things.

Create a Resume of Accomplishments to bolster your argument.