Linkedin profile has become the most important identity for anyone who exists on this planet. Its like a big billboard on the side of the highway travelled by people you want to be visible to

The Linkedin profile is like a public face and your most powerful marketing tool especially if you are looking for a job.

Key components of a Linkedin profile are as follows

  1. Profile Picture :

This creates a first Visual Impression. So dont ever leave this Blank. Remember this is not a dating or a matrimony site. So choose a professional picture with a smile on your face.

2. Headline :

After your profile picture the next thing a recruiter will notice is your Headline. The Headline should say who you are and what you do

So try and test what headline suits your profile. Run certain searches in your Linkedin profile. For eg. type “Digital Marketing” and see what profiles come on the First Page and those that appear on the second page. Evaluate these headlines and you will be able to write one for yourself then.

3. Summary :

This should include information that will maximize your discoverability when a recruiter searches for someone like you. This should have capabilities – Not your hopes and Dreams.

Use bullet points and Not Paragraphs

No mention of Hobbies / Personal stuff should be there.

4. Work Experience :

Do share your growth path. For eg if you have seen 2 or 3 promotions in one organization do mention that on top. The section then should include your key responsibilities. In few words you should be able to tell the network why were you hired for the role and what difference you made in your domain.

Remember don’t mention any numbers of achievements. This is an open platform and the information is visible to everyone. Don’t disclose any information which is confidential for your organization(Present or Past).


5. Skills

Choose your skills very smartly. These are the key pointers of search criteria. More you get endorsed on your skills  your chances to appear in the search results increases.