Last night I was making a one pager draft for a professional with 25 years of experience. I listed down his key achievements he had all these years and was forming a graph of his success story.

My son was playing nearby and he came to me with a visiting card. He said Mom this is my resume. Can I work for you.


This instigated an idea of a Business Card #Resume. I formed a layout.

The front side of the card listed critical information like Name, Target Job Title, Telephone number and Email address.


Back of the card. The space was minimal so in very less words I communicated understanding of the job he wish to apply and his ability to deliver that job best.

Below I mentioned his #Linkedin profile link if the recruiter intends to know about his profile in detail.


So a thought flashed which I want to discuss here. Wont these small Business Card #Resumes save so much effort on part of recruiter. Reading a business card #resume can tell him why he will fit in the role he has in hand and then if he is keen he can look at his Linkedin profile.


Do share your views on this and I can then work on this product in detail.