I attended a motivation lecture few days back. It was being delivered by a Lady. Though not a very big name in the industry but I heard she is really good. So thought of attending the same. The seminar started and she came on the stage. A white Saree with a Red Border, tall, slim and WoW! what a personality! Full of confidence and the moment she started speaking, all of us were just lost in her words. It was entertaining, informative and I felt as if I was a new personality by the end of her speech.

The seminar commenced and we all got together for a “Hi Tea”. I was sitting in a corner recalling what all she said. In few minutes I realized that someone was calling me. When I looked back, there she was. She said “Hi Shipra , you couldn’t recognize ME?” I was surprised. And then when I looked at her carefully she was one of my batch mates in Class 10th. (This is year 1996).
I was shocked. Not because I met my classmate after so many years but this lady, who is full of confidence and energy used to be a girl sitting in one corner of the class, engrossed in books and did not had courage to speak to anyone. She, I believe sensed my thoughts and said,” I know what you are thinking. But let me tell you how I transformed myself completely.”


When we finished our class 10th, she was among the topper of the school. She was academically very strong. She said she always scored top ranks throughout her education and did her engineering. Post she completed her education, she was still the same, a shy quiet girl who never talked to anyone but just confined herself into books. She believed that books are her best friends and if she excels in her work, she won’t need any other company.

She got a job in an MNC and saw great success in her field. She invented new machinery for a production house which increased the efficiency of the system manifold. But in few days’ time, the performance of the machine deteriorated. She analysed that it was not the machine that was creating problem but one team member who is mishandling that machine and thus all the problem has occurred. She complained about him directly to the senior management. Though the problem was rectified but the entire staff went against her and as a result it really got difficult for her to work there.

She resigned

She then joined another company where after working for few months, she realized that there are enough flaws in the system and the management is not working as expected. She got furious and wrote a mail to the owner of the setup. As a result she saw a termination letter in her inbox the very next day.

This was shocking for her. But then she sat back and thought what exactly the problem area is. She was best with her work and did her work with full zeal but still she is not able to work with any organization for long. That was a time for self -realization for her.

She looked at her past as if she is watching another person in action.

Visualizing those moments with clarity, she could finally understand the problem- she was making her co-workers feel insecure, useless and inferior. She had injured their male egos and had paid a price.

Had she communicated well with the team members, discussed her ideas with them, involved them in as much work as possible, she would have been a better leader. She realized never directly criticize anyone. From then on, She opened herself for feedback and from then on her team members gave her a clear and realistic picture of herself as others saw her and that is all she ever needed for self -correction

Wow . Such a great learning. To be a true leader, be open to feedback, Interact with your teams as much as possible. Don’t be a boss. Be a Leader