It’s a popular saying that don’t ask a girl her age. She will feel offended.

But now Question about age is being asked in corporate world and lot many professionals do get offended with this. Is it right to ask an experienced professional his age? Or is it better to ask how many years of experience you have?

Though both means the same thing, but when I asked a professional his age, he said, “How does that make a difference? You know my profile, the work I have done, my achievements and accolades, Then why this stupid Question on my age!”

I kept silent for a while.

I then Questioned myself, “What exactly am I looking out? I am looking for a person who can manage finance function of my company very well.”

So Shall I look in for a Young MBA or an experienced B.Com professional?????????

Like me lot many HR professionals are still confused??????

So I thought let me address this very serious issue of “Handling Mid Age Crisis”

With Age comes experience, a wider frame of Reference and greater Steadiness.

But the fact is, The higher you climb professionally, the fewer the opportunities and tougher the competition.


So How to deal with this Age Criteria and How to prepare yourself to face Mid Age Crisis.

Take a look at yourself from Customers Point Of View

In your imagination, walk towards the other side of the table and think about interviewing a candidate ten or more years senior, who’s telling you how much he/she knows

So you need to face the reality, and translate the benefits of your experience into selling points even before they question your age. When you speak up, address the issue and show benefits you bring on the table.

You can even highlight these on your #Resume.


How to address Question “How old you are”


I just turned “fifty three” that gives me X years in the profession and Y years doing exactly the job you’re trying to fill. In those years I’ve gained experience dealing with all the problems we face in the __________ dept


Guys your key strengths are


  1. Great Exposure to handle crisis situation
  2. Loyalty and Reliability: At this age, You won’t be hopping jobs for sure
  3. Confidence that came with experience.
  4. You still have zeal to work. This is a strong point in itself


So stop using this term Mid Age Crisis. This is just State of Mind.

If it comes in your mind, it surely will get transferred to the person who is interviewing you.


Age is just a Number. And we now know how to handle these NUMBERS 🙂