It’s great fun to write a Resume. The only thing that should be there in your mind while writing a Resume is “YOUR TARGET JOB”. Every line that you write on this document should take you towards the target role.
Apart from this, there are some very common mistakes that people make while crafting a Resume. These seem to be very basic but carry huge impact on the Reader.

1. Contact Information: This part seems very obvious but in my career span of 20 years, I have come across so many resumes where either some or most of the contact information was missing from the document. Or if its there, I had to struggle finding the same on resume.

So when writing a resume, be sure to include following personal details at top of the document
a) Full Name make sure the same format is used across all job search platforms viz Naukri/ Linkedin/ Business Card. The key is to be consistent
b) Cell phone number: clear and personal number
c) Address: No need to include full address, just write city, state, zip code, country. If you are looking for overseas opportunity just write state and country
d) Linkedin Profile link: Make sure your linkedin profile also has valuable information about you

2. Professional Title: Right below the contact information write a strong headline that clearly describes your profile. This title might change according to the job for which you are sharing your resume.

For eg
if you are a finance professional who has done multiple roles in this domain but now are applying for a role
of Director Financial Planning & Analysis; then your professional title should be

“ Senior Financial Planning & Analysis professional”.


If you are applying for “Tax & Audit Role” You may change professional title to

“Senior Taxation and Audit professional”

3. Professional Summary/ Career Summary/ Executive Summary:
This clearly needs to read the mind of the one who intends to hire you and focuses on what the job seeker has to offer a prospective employer by describing his or her qualifications.

4. Area of Expertise:
The most important section as this area gives you a leverage to include all important keywords through which your resume will be shortlisted through ATS system. This should have combination of both hard/soft skills

5. Work Experience:

This can have Skill Based Content if you are looking for an industry change.


If you are looking for a senior role in same industry and with a competitor you need to frame this section on basis of your Achievements

If you are open for either options and are just exploring the market with no clear Insight you should have combination of skill and achievement based Resume

6. Education/Certificate: List details in chronological order.

Other details that might be incorporated in a resume are
a) Career Highlights
b) Volunteer Experience
c) Technical Skills
d) Language Skills
e) Publications