April, 2020
He got the news today. He was amongst those Senior Managers who were asked to put off their resignations. No reasons, No explanations. Just one statement.

“ Hi, Ramesh. We are sorry but business is not doing well. This is Management’s decision(Who is this Management? I till date couldn’t understand this). Wishing you all the best. You were a great team member. “

They, after saying these few words, continued doing their routine work. Mails, Calls, Tea, get-togethers at water coolers…Everything. But for me, the world was black ahead. Every word they said went piercing through my ears and left me …. Left me…with…( I don’t know.) It was all blank.

I looked at them and came out of that big conference room on the 4th floor. I looked around and felt each eye in the corridor looking at me. Felt they knew everything. Felt they are laughing at me. Heard the whispering in my ears. Was I imagining all this? Did they notice me? I don’t know.

My mind camera flashed across my family in front of my eyes. My Kids, My wife, My parents. I did not know what to do. What to say? How to say? I loosened my tie and sat on the chair.

Next, I remember is the morning. I was all blank last evening and night. Today I can’t recall how I told about this to everyone. How we all sat on the dinner table quietly. Or did we talk about anything? I don’t know.

The next morning, Lockdown was declared.

I was sitting on the sofa, all lost. So many thoughts were flashing across my mind. Was looking at my phone diary. Who to call. Whom to ask for a job. Made a few calls but didn’t get any hope.

My 6-year-old daughter came rushing to me, held my hand, and pulled me towards her. She was so excited. She just got the news that she won’t be going to school. She ran towards me and said, “ Wow! Papa. We both are free. Let’s enjoy our time together. You don’t have to go to the office and I have no school.”
In a moment, she brought me back to my senses. Her smile, her happiness took all the stress away. I felt relaxed. I don’t know what was it but her energy gave me a new ray of hope. I believe it was her positive vibes.

She then said,” Papa! Come let’s plan our days ahead; So that we don’t end up wasting this precious time. I don’t want to just study the entire day. I will exercise, play, study, and upskill myself as well.”

And so simply, she showed me the way. I felt enlightened. I decided to plan my day.



Ok. I became my own HR consultant and hired myself to find a JOB for “ Mr. Ramesh Setia”. That’s me.
Yes, I read in few posts on Linkedin earlier that Job hunt is a full-time job. So I hired myself for this job.

Wanna know what all I did. Let me share with you my day of my life after LAY OFF

1. I got up at 5.30 AM and exercised for an hour

2. Took a bath and read books on the latest technologies and case studies of senior technical leaders. Yes I am an IT professional

3. Then I dressed up properly and opened my laptop

4. From 10 till 4, I worked on Linkedin. Making the right connections, getting connected to leaders, sharing my experiences and learnings every day and enhanced my social presence

5. I also hired a professional to write my resume and Linkedin profile as its always good to have a third eye perspective on your own career. Someone who can live each day of your career with you.
The most important is, at this time you need someone to listen to you. To guide you with the right skills and give you market insights. And above all, to give you hope.

6. I became socially visible and made sure I don’t apply randomly but choose the JDs wisely

7. I networked well with my target Organisation leaders and created a sales pitch for myself. I never forced myself on anyone

The most important thing that actually made a difference was SELF MOTIVATION.

I started spending quality time with my daughter. Someone who was filled with positive energy always. She always pulled me off when I was about to lose hope.

She made me do yoga; helped me in my eating patterns. And above all, made me smile the entire day
I also looked at my bank accounts and planned my savings. I gave myself a target date. The target of 6 months. I had to get into a new job in 6 months no matter what.

I have attended 3 interviews till now and 2 of them are in their third rounds.

It’s almost 4 months and I am sure I will have an offer letter in my hand in the next 2 months.


And this lay off really taught me a lot.