The most significant challenge faced by professionals aged 43 to 46, with a CTC below 50 Lac, demands proactive planning for their industry journey. This pressing situation, often arising due to prolonged tenure at a single organization, necessitates strategic action. In my observations, numerous individuals in this age bracket, aligned with reputable brands, find themselves undercompensated despite their skillfulness.

To secure the next 10 years in the industry, consider these insights:

CTC Focus: Harness your extensive experience and exposure. Your priority should be enhancing your CTC. Strategize two job changes within the next 3 years to align with industry standards. Aim for a range of 65 to 75 Lac by age 50.

Exit Comfort Zone: Proactively step beyond your comfort zone. Chart a job search strategy by networking actively. Engage with peers, contribute on LinkedIn, participate in forums, and showcase your abilities through an impactful resume and LinkedIn profile.

Look Beyond Titles: Resist being drawn solely by titles or big brands. Opt for roles that offer substantial remuneration and real performance opportunities. Embrace modern organizations where you can leverage your expertise to enhance processes, bolstered by a reputable track record.

Customize Resumes: Tailor resumes for target roles, creating a diversified portfolio. Construct a robust referral network for targeted role applications, recognizing the competitive landscape.

With time still on your side, don’t squander your vigor and enthusiasm. Rise to the challenge, strategize effectively, and proactively venture into the market. Your potential remains untapped—seize the moment.”