Few friends named “Full Stop”, “Question Mark”, “Comma” and “Exclamation mark” lived together for many years.

One day, ‘Full Stop(.)’ thought to himself –

“Without me, they all cannot exist. Till the time I come, they all are meaningless. I complete the sentence.”

And this brought a new friend in – “Arrogance”

Arrogance is someone, who when accompanies you, becomes your ONLY best friend.

The fight of arrogance started amongst them. Seeing the attitude in ‘Full Stop(.)’, others also got infected and started proving themselves.

Question Mark (?) started throwing silly questions for which no answers could be framed. Hence none of the other folks were used. He got a sense of pride in himself.

Comma (,) stopped giving options and hence every sentence became monotonous and full stop started getting overused.

Of all these, poor exclamation mark(!) started feeling depressed. He felt left out.

One day he gathered courage and thought of taking the initiative to bring all his friends back together. He threw a party titled ELP (Exclamation Led Party)

This was a surprise party. The exclamation was an expert in giving surprises. Surprises that brought a smile on everyone’s face.

He prepared a speech.

Full Stop(.) – Hi! You never start an argument but always finish it. That makes you special”

Comma (,) – Hey! You give us a pause to think and act so that by the time full stop comes, everything is perfect.”

Question Mark(?) My friend without you, we will not seek any answers. And without answers your existence is nil. And a perfect answer is which has few pauses (Comma) to frame the choices and ends with a conclusion(.)

And me, I will always make myself heard, no matter what. I am that excitement, that anxiety, which keeps the spirit high.

So, we all together give meaning to all those rational/irrational thoughts that flash in the mind of people. We alone have no meaning. Everyone smiled and came together.

Each one of us in a network has a specific importance.

Without you I am meaningless and without me you are meaningless.

Together we form a healthy network. Right people coming together at the right place and at the right time creates an impact that forms positive stories around.

It’s all about choosing the RIGHT network.