Exactly a year ago, while we were still celebrating Diwali, we perceived Corona just as a virus lying geographies away. It was devastating… yet it was confined to China. We didn’t realize where the entire year vanished right after that as it penetrated throughout our worlds! 

We’re still dealing with the havoc it brought to our health, mental well-being, financial resilience, and indeed, our careers. 

A humanitarian crisis transitioned into the businesses landscape and affected everything manifold. We may have started to adjust with the ‘new normal’, but this new normal isn’t available to us anymore. Nothing seems normal, isn’t it? 

The new reality is ambiguous, complex, and uncertain but, it comes LOADED WITH OPPORTUNITIES!

A crisis brings opportunities and calls for positive changes in the way things are – we always read that in ancient literature. If you look closely, you’d tend to believe it. 

The “not so normal” – next normal will see massive changes in decision making and company behaviours. That doesn’t indicate the end of road. It is rather an evident shifting of gears. 

Let us learn how to adapt, thrive, and accelerate to put our professional lives back on track – in the face of all that distracts or disappoints us.  

We’ve put together new opportunities that will likely unfold for professionals across 5 different industries. Professionals in these industries can capitalize on the new skills to create a lasting impact in the current market scenario:

Industry 1: Aerospace and Defence

Professionals in this industry should showcase their expertise in 

  1. Risk management 
  2. Infrastructure management 
  3. Crisis Management 
  4. Facilities Management 

These skills can help them get more suitable opportunities within the industry.

Industry 2: Automotive

This industry has been facing challenges since 2019 and has been mainly driven by Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric mobility (CASE). The entire channel – right from suppliers all the way to dealers has been affected. Skills, professionals of this industry should focus on are 

  1. Supply Chain management 
  2. Risk Management 
  3. Manufacturing operations 
  4. Cash Management/ Finance management skills

Industry 3: Banking and Financial Services 

These professionals can surely expect more roles in their own industry. Key skills in demand will be 

  1. Credit Management 
  2. Customer Service 
  3. Trade/Payment Operations 
  4. Commercial banking 
  5. Fund Management 
  6. Digitization/Automation

Industry 4: Chemical Industry 

This industry is no stranger to disruption. The chemical industry succeeded in striking a perfect balance between Social Distancing and keeping plants running to provide basic necessities for society. So, if you are a part of this industry do capture what measures you tool to keep the operations running. Skills you need to boast about are 

  1. Operations management 
  2. Virtual team Management 
  3. Operational risk
  4. Supply Chain Operations 
  5. Production operations 
  6. RnD 
  7. Intelligent Enterprise Management 
  8. Robotics/Process Automation 

Quiet many things to flaunt 😊

Industry 5: Media and Entertainment 

During the lockdown, the data exchange saw a different level of enhancement. A huge number of audiences went to digital channels. Thus these professionals have a lot to flaunt. Focus on selling yourself as professionals with best-in-class 

  1. Customer experience/ Intimacy/ retention 
  2. Business Strategy 
  3. Network Management 
  4. Content Strategy 
  5. Competitive Intelligence 

Summing Up

A crisis hits everyone with the same torque. The responses to crisis are mainly three- Growth, Downfall, Struggle. 

You need to identify where do you currently stand, and how do you re-position everything to leap to growth. After all, 2021 should not be about how you survive, but how you thrive. 

If it is about finding a role for you in the Industry, you need to embrace some unconventional strategies, strengthen your network, and cash in on opportunities that come your way. It all starts with repackaging the right skills in front of the right audience. And, the offer letter will come knocking at the door for you. 

Let us know if you find this blog helpful. If you are looking for more information on the subject, or looking for the right consulting that leads you up to a role you’re looking for amid the crisis, this is an area where we can help. Leave your comments below or reach directly here resume@kaizenconsultants.in.