The Business landscape is evolving massively and constantly, we all know. 

The shifts in the ways of doing business have a deep reflection on the way all other proliferations take place in the delivery, operations and management within a business setting.

So, when businesses are shifting from a B2B or B2C model, and relying more on the H2H (human to human connect) for sales and sustainability, can people management and recruitment be left unturned?

Even as technology has enabled us to find job seekers and recruiters readily through several “safe” and “authentic” portals, the power of direct connections, references and one-to-one networks can simply not be undermined. 

We circle back to the title of the blog, and ask you again, do you pay enough heed to finding a direct connection with your interviewers or top management before you expect your interview to go blockbuster? Think. 

Humans trust humans more than what they read on portals or see in digital reviews or so on. If you agree, start building you network and nurturing it today. However, before you jump to action, take a note of these:

1. Never Start Networking With A Single Motive

Even as we talked quite a bit about the importance of networking in helping you influence your prospects for being hired, it is important you do not restrict your lens to that single aspect each time you connect with someone. If you fall in that trap, you may become overtly judgmental and selective. Often, people in your connection list add value in their own unique ways. 

2. Keep Up Your Patience And Assume One Day This Network Will Work For You

Networking is just as any other relationship. It works through a process of metamorphosis – starting from scratch and growing into a big one when nurtured and watered regularly. None among those people we see with a huge connection list on LinkedIn reached this stage overnight. They believed in the power of networking and sincerely worked towards building it up.

3. Help Your Connections Realize You Know Them Well By Following Their LinkedIn Activities

This phenomenon works wonderfully in both the directions. If you follow people regularly on LinkedIn or if others follow you the same way, you end up realizing that you know each other well. This realization is natural when you meet face-to-face or for a more focused purpose such as an interview, a business deal or association etc. However, sometimes you need to walk a few miles extra to help the other person recall about this. Keep building up the stories for people who matter in your current network.

4. Understand And Leverage The Give And Take Relationship 

A network works through help, support, giving and returning. Everyone in the current networking framework understands how to mutually compensate for the professional help they have sought or relayed in terms of providing references, etc. Participate in that process and practice sincerely. That’s where you will build up trust. 

Summing Up

Networking has become a key cannon for people across industries to find growth opportunities constantly. Your connections aren’t always confined to job hunt. They add value to your professional competence and help widen your perspectives. Platforms such as LinkedIn have proven the case in generating unparalleled support for people seeing downturns recently. 

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