While you’re all set to welcome another new year, I have a question to ask, especially, as you enter another zone full of new commitments and resolutions in the new year ahead.

The year 2020 changed several things permanently – both outside and within us. So, how well is your new avatar treating you now? Or rather, are you mindfully valuing and leveraging everything you experienced, realized, learned and acquired during this dramatic year — to its highest potential?

Let this year, which was full of drama, action, emotions, inspiration, disasters, and resilience, not phase out in an ordinary manner.

Well, many of us would hate to recall the challenges and hardships that jolted us throughout the year. The quantum of stress, insecurities, and fears were the greatest of all times. But, why do we want to recall only the “unpleasant” part? My intent is to have all of us look at the good and bad in the same spirit…!

Everyone Was On Rollercoaster, Some Screamed, Some Enjoyed The Ride

If we had challenges – we learned to overcome them, as well. We invented, innovated and carved our unique ways of emerging out of the paul of glooms, isn’t it?

Adversities take people to the extremes – we either rise or we perish. And, regardless of how hard it may seem, if we look closely, we realize that everything ends becoming a choice. We choose to rise or perish by choosing our paths.

The rollercoaster was forced upon us – we all screamed out of fear initially. But many of us chose to convert the purpose of the screaming to enjoyment. We screamed until it helped us overcome our fears almost completely.

We Managed Accomplishing Things That Seemed Out of Bounds Earlier

Each one of us often come across aspirations that attract us, but seem out of bounds. In the professional and personal front – both, there had been specific skills we wanted to get trained in or practice.

There were things we always wanted to do at home — but never found the time and attention to do it – we accomplished those during the lockdown. Let’s not deny that!

Perhaps, we didn’t look at our homes through that lens ever before. We discovered our underlying potential in nearly all spheres of life — cooking, cleaning, parenting, self-care, and whatnot.

And, we also learned a new way of life — finding happiness and contentment in little things.

How many of you would agree that 2020 taught us this deep reality of life that you don’t have to go too far to find happiness and joy?

Looking Ahead Strong and Determined

We cannot overlook the events of hardships though. Those of us who show the courage to transition into the new year with the lessons and experiences of the Corona- Stricken 2020, would make a huge difference in careers and social lives. Let us choose!

Are we leveraging these “advantages in adversity” to rebound and reform in the new year? Let’s shun the apprehensions and pick out the brighter side. Are you excited?