The year 2020 has taught us many things. This year will always stay fresh in our minds because of all the turmoil we faced.

Few lost Jobs

Few lost families

Few lost health

Loss of family and health are irreversible, and time is the only healer.

But when it comes to our profession, we all can surely bounce back.

There is no point running behind the bushes. This month, Or I should say, remaining days of this month, we need to focus on 3 important aspects





There is no point applying randomly on roles or dropping ”Hi”, ”Hello” messages to people. You will never hear back and this will just add to the frustration. Choose wisely on whom to approach.

Remember, in the current scenario, there are a handful of people who wants to hire you. These are your target audience. Identify them wisely

a. Make a List of Target Organizations

b. Find out who is hiring amongst them

c. Make a list of target stake holders in these Organizations

End of this exercise you will precisely have a list of WHOM TO APPROACH.


The next most crucial aspect is when to approach these people whom we have categorized as Target Audience.

“Hit the Rod when it’s hot”

Keep an eye open on their activities. Follow their LinkedIn page. Keep track of their career websites. The moment you see some activity happening there, start approaching. The right time to interact is when they are interested to interact. It has to be mutual.

LinkedIn is a Give and Take platform. You can never always keep giving, neither you can not always just ask.

Keep a Balance


Now we know



Now the real action time has come. How to Approach.

Our backend work is ready. We know that the Organization is hiring. We know who is managing that role and now we know that just clicking on the APPLY button does not get me a job call. So, I need to approach this person very carefully. If I lose this opportunity to engage, I might not be able to re-initiate the thread of engagement.

Don’t ever start with


“How are You?”

You will have to then just keep waiting to hear back and there is no way you can send another message after a couple of hours.

Be specific and to the point. Sell Yourself directly.

“I am approaching you for the role titled“ “and believe I possess all the requisite skill sets for the same. <Then mention why you are suitable for the role> and in the end ask for an email Id to share the resume only if he finds him worthy of the role.

Follow the above approach and I guarantee that your perspective of looking at the LinkedIn network will change significantly. I guarantee you saying henceforth

“LinkedIn is a great platform to make a powerful career progression”

I have shared my secrets with you and hope you all are able to plan your next job through this. Just my way of contributing to this platform as through this approach I was able to help many of my clients grab the right opportunity at the right time.

All the very Best and Wishing you a Great Year Ahead.

Team Kaizen