We all struggle to find the right jobs. We try and then try again, approach people randomly, exhaust our existing offline network and get into an almost give-up situation. We start blaming the pandemic situation and finding reasons for not getting the right roles. 

Below are the steps that you can follow and see the difference

On First and Second Day:

Make the list of KRAs you want to assign to yourself in your next role. The roles you aspire for need to be crystal clear in your mind when you start this.

On Third Day:

Identify the Target Organizations as per your Location Preference. Make a list of approx. 25 Organisations. Check their company pages and make sure they are hiring currently.

From 4th Till 6th Day:

Work on your resume keeping in mind the Target KRAs, evaluate current KRAs, Identify the gaps, give solid reasons for fitting into the target KRAs and then work on the resume. 

Doing Gap Analysis is very important while working on the resume. Where you are today and where you want to be, have a few KRAs you haven’t done to date. Make sure you fill those gaps through correct statements on your resume,


At the end of the first week, you will visualize what you are strong at, what you need to learn, and the people reviewing your resume.

7th Day:

Look at the profiles of senior leaders of those organizations on Linkedin and understand their backgrounds.

8th and 9th Day:

Work on your LinkedIn profile, taking inspiration from LinkedIn profiles of the target audience.

10th Day :

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile with the right keywords and make it more searchable. Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is Searchable, Approachable, and Clickable on LinkedIn.

11th and 12th Day :

Do activities on LinkedIn. Post a few comments, follow the leaders, and get used to the LinkedIn environment


At the end of the Second week, you will be ready to start advertising your profile, and this is when you actually will start your Job hunt Strategy.

Till now, you have worked on

  1. Identification of target audience
  2. Gap Analysis
  3. Resume Revamp
  4. LinkedIn Profile Optimization

In the third week, it’s time to grow your network with relevant people.

13th till 15th Day :

Send 100 connection requests to people of target organizations and domains.

15th Till 20th Day :

Publish content on your wall talking about the latest topics of your Industry, domain, leadership, and anything that catches the attention of the people to whom you have sent the connection requests

In the third week, your brand visibility will start going up. You will begin getting Likes and Comments, and your network will begin to grow with relevant people.


20th Day till End of Month :

It is the right time to start applying for Jobs. Finding the right stakeholders, getting connected with them, and introducing yourself as the right fit for opportunities


Knock on the Right Doors and They will Surely Open Up