• Will you do your Job even if you are not paid for it? Do you love your work, or is it a necessity for you? 
  • Are you improving each day at work? Are you learning something new? 
  • Is your work Affecting society in any way? Do you get Thankyou calls ever? 

If the answer to these questions is YES…then you are on the right path of your career. If the answer is NO, then you need to stop and think. Who are you? What do you enjoy the most? What is your goal? 


I went to an orphanage yesterday. I met a young boy there. He was a caretaker of that place. There was something in him that made me smile. It was this infectious Smile he carried. I asked him since when he was taking care of this place.

He said, “Since I was 7 years old.” I was surprised. I thought he was an employee there. He said, yes, I am. But I have been doing this Job since I was 7.

“Why didn’t you ever think of changing your Job?” I asked.

He said because 

  1. I don’t do this for money. 
  2. I learn every day. I understand how to keep the emotions of all the children here intact and make sure they don’t cry ever. Every day is a new lesson for me.
  3. I get a lot of blessings. They love me, and that is what many CEOs lack these days. 

Yes, he titled himself as CEO of this place, “The DREAMLAND.”

As a CEO, I learned few things yesterday.

  1. Yes, what I do at KaizenConsultants is not for money. I did that at one point in time without monetary benefit as well. The Smile I get at the end of each assignment is priceless.
  2. Yes, I learn something new every day. Every Case, Every profile, Every Resume teaches me how careers are framed against all odds.
  3. Yes, I do get thankyou calls from my clients when they get a new job. So somewhere I can impact the society

                                  Do you have the 3 “YES” in your kitty?