We have been doing this for many years now. We have had our success journey, and many who got associated with us learned the real strategy behind Job hunt. It is our turn to share our secrets and give you the simple mantra of approaching the right roles step by step.

You follow the below steps for 3 to 5 months, and we guarantee you the best results.

Here we go.         

                                      Identify The Target Audience

The first step when you start thinking about Job change is – Identify your target audience. Who are the people who want to hire you? And to your surprise, there won’t be more than 50 people who can offer you a role in the current market scenario. So, it’s so simple, you have to focus on these 50 people. And is it challenging to convince these 50 people about your credibility? I don’t think so.

But what is most important is – How to Identify them. Below are the steps that will help you Identify your Niche 50 people

  1. Think about what your Preferred Location is. Where all you can move or not move
  2. Then list down the names of organizations who have their teams of your domain at those locations. E.g., If you are a digital transformation lead and cannot move out of Mumbai, there is no point in keeping Goldman Sachs on your target list.
  3. Once this list is prepared, we need to differentiate between a Wish list and a practical list. The wish list is where you want to work, and the Practical list is which organizations are hiring at this point. Thus make a practical list of 25 target organizations with the above points of consideration and move to the next steps

                                                  Do The Gap Analysis

Now you have a list of 25 organizations ready with you. These are the organizations that are on your target list. They are hiring, and any of them will give you an offer letter. So start taking them seriously. Do the below steps, and these are the most critical steps.

  1. Go through the senior leadership teams of these organizations on LinkedIn. Look at their profiles, understand their career path, and figure out the kind of skills and work they bring to the table. You need to understand their pain areas and seek inside stories. You can seek professional help to know this.
  2. Identify the skillset they look in for their teams and visualize your skillset. Understand the gap.
  3. Once you have identified the Gap, start upskilling yourself and see how you can justify all you have done in the past and map it to their requirements.


                                                   Work on Resume

Now is the time to pick up the pen and start writing a resume. You have identified skills your profile will be evaluated on, what you have done and how to fill the gaps. Now is the time to frame a perfect resume that ignites the curiosity in the mind of the reader to meet you face to face.  This is how you handle different parts of the resume. I am not doing it sequentially because you should never write your resume in sequence. You build up different parts and then join them to make a genuine fast pacer.

1 Key profile Section

This is the first section you need to pen down. This needs to have Top 5 skills that the target audience will evaluate your profile, and you need to back up those skills with your achievements to date in your career. This is like a problem solution approach.

  1. Career Details

Then start framing the career details. This has the Organization name | Designation | Location | tenure

You need to write 4 to 5 strong KRAs of your role and critical contributions you made against each KRA to justify your profile in that role.


You frame the Summary in the end, which is a nutshell of what you bring to the table for your next employer. The Summary needs to be crisp and very impressive. Remember, the Summary is not about the past; It is about the future.

4.Core Competencies:

Core Competencies is a keyword section of your resume. You need to place it on the first page, and it is just for getting your profile out in search results.


The essential part of the resume is the Headline. We should write the Headline at the end of the resume. The Headline will change with every JD you apply for. The top 3 requisites of that role from a skill perspective form your Headline.

                                             LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Your Resume is done and will lie in your Inbox till somebody calls you for a discussion. But how do we get that call then? To grab a call, your Social Media Profile should be strong enough to ignite the curiosity in the mind of the reader to call you and ask for a Resume. And your Social Media Profile is your LinkedIn Profile. In the current digital scenario, the LinkedIn Profile plays a much more important role than your Resume. LinkedIn profile is your face, and beautiful faces attract more attention. So here are a few of my tips to enhance your profile on LinkedIn and make it searchable, approachable, and clickable.


The Banner gives a soothing effect to your profile. Don’t waste this space with a  random picture. Think about your domain and plan the Banner that is self-explanatory on what you do. Write three strong keywords on the Banner that tells the reader what you do.


The Headline is an essential part of your LinkedIn profile. When someone runs a search on LinkedIn, it’s your Headline that gets visible in search results, and if this is relevant to them, only then click on your profile. So make this as close to what your target audience will seek in your profile. These are those keywords that you give in your resume headline.


If the Headline gets a click, the following section someone notices are your Summary. This is not like your Resume Summary. Here you are not creating a sale pitch. Here you are just trying to ignite the curiosity in the mind of the reader to send you a connection request. So the career story should be portrayed excitingly that the reader should have a smile on his face by the end of it. The next thing he will do is send you a connection request.

Get the Best storyteller out of you and pour your heart out in this section. Be true to yourself, and you will nail it.

Experience Section

People only read your organization name and designation in this section. So for LinkedIn, keep this simple and write 2 to 3 sentences on what you do in that role.

Skills and Endorsement

This is one of the most ignored but essential section of your LinkedIn profile. Pin top 3 skills that are the most vital keywords of your profile and get as many endorsements as possible for them. These are those keywords through which your profile will be pulled in search results.

                                               Create Pull Factor

Your LinkedIn profile is optimized now. It is Searchable, looks impressive, and carries all relevant information to create curiosity in the reader’s mind to get connected to you. But the question is, How do I get the audience on my wall? Just updating the LinkedIn profile is no invitation for such a large audience to start noticing your profile.

To attract the target audience to your profile, you need to brand yourself. And the only way you can communicate with your target audience is through content marketing. Yes! You heard me right. It would help if you started treating yourself as a commodity. And to attract a seller of you, you need to start branding yourself and enhance your visibility. And how do you do that?

The personal Branding exercise involves two steps.

  1. Enhance your network with relevant first-degree network connections. That means that you should directly connect with your target audience. So you need to find them on LinkedIn and send them the connection requests. You have the option of sending 100 requests every week. So make sure you exhaust that.
  2. Engage with the audience through relevant content posting. Think about the pain areas of the target audience, and you indeed have a solution for those pain areas. So it would be best if you started posting content that indirectly hints towards these solutions. The strength of content will decide how strongly you can pull the audience towards your profile.

And when your first-degree network starts growing with RELEVANT people and your content starts getting attention, your brand starts building up. And when you start generating traffic for LinkedIn, LinkedIn also starts prioritizing your profile, and your profile starts appearing in search results.


                                               Push the Push Factor

A lot of times, you are in a gunpoint situation. Either you already have lost your job, or are serving your notice period, or you know very well that you will have to quit this job else the management would ask you to put down the papers. So, in that case, you can’t just rely on the Pull factor and wait for your brand to build up and people to approach you for the right roles. In that case, an extra push is required, and you will have to step forward and ask people for a role.

What? But how is it possible to keep knocking at each door and ask for a job? Your stature and seniority won’t allow you to do that, and neither will you get a role like that. So it would be best if you created an extra push on your profile. You might have to hire an HR advisor or consultant who can approach people on your behalf. So here are the steps you need to follow to push your profile across different organizations.

  1. Find a relevant JD. You can look for JDs on LinkedIn, Naukri, IIM Jobs and glassdoor.
  2. Understand the need of that role and pen down a strong sales pitch message about why you fit into that role and what value you bring to the table if they hire you.
  3. Find four vital stakeholders who will be interviewing that role and search for their profiles on LinkedIn.
  4. Send them the connection request with a crisp and powerful sale pitch message that directly hints at the role and your fitment.


Remember, All these steps need to be managed very effectively and smartly. A job hunt is a full-time job and that is why you need an eagle’s eye to understand where your audience is, what they want and how you can give them what they desire,

It’s all Give n Take. I hope this was helpful, and you will be able to find a new role for yourself soon.

See you in your next role, a new organization, and a new CTC banked in your account.

All the Very Best