We have been framing resumes for over a decade and have a team of specialists crafting resumes for over two decades. We have transitioned from being a recruitment firm to a complete career solution organization. 

But today, we would like to talk about what a resume is all about and why it is so important to have a perfect one.

What is a perfect resume?

A perfect resume gives a solution to the problem. Yes, you heard me right. When someone is reviewing your resume, that means he has a problem in hand that he is finding a solution for. He doesn’t have the expertise nor time to do that and hence would like to hire you. 

So, make sure before your resume lands in his inbox, it has a solution. A perfect resume features are

  1. Information needs to be crisp but not at the expense of communicating the right information
  2. Fine-tuned details
  3. Information that is specific to the problem you need to address
  4. Apt headline
  5. Crisp summary to explain what you bring to the table
  6. Error-free grammatically correct English

Here are few examples that will help you understand the perfect resume


                                   FOR A BANKING PROFESSIONAL


If you see in this it clearly highlights the areas of expertise and the work done under those areas. It is easily readable, not flashy with correct verbiage

                             One Pager Profile for a Transformation Leader


This is recommended under two circumstances

1 If you are applying for Internal Job posting

2. If you are planning to apply for roles in similar industry

In both cases, we don’t have to explain our day to day activities. We need to just focus on achievement based draft and showcase what makes us different from others in competition


Skill Based Resume to apply for roles across industries

This is recommended if your skills and domain are all transferable skills. For eg a profile of a Finance or HR professional. Doesn’t matter what industry you are a part of, your skills can easily adapt to the processes and products of different industries. Hence work towards having a skill based resume and highlight your transferable skills in Key Profile section.

                                         Infographic Template

I am sharing this here but don’t think an infographic resume is a ticket to the interview room. No matter how beautiful your resume looks but its content that gets you on the table. So use infographic template only when it justifies with your skills and helps reduce the content



There is never a good resume or a bad resume basis its looks. The Mantra for a successful resume is

  1. It should be readable
  2. It should not lead to any confusions in the mind of reader
  3. It should have factual information
  4. It should focus towards the problem of the recruiter
  5. It should be tailor-made as per the JD
  6. It should be skill based resume backed up with achievements

                       Most Important- It should not have any grammatical errors