I feel pulling someone towards your profile till getting the right call, this entire process has 4 main stages. I link this with AIDA which certainly is a unique concept of online marketing but works very well for me when I apply this in a job search plan for my clients.

Let me explain this with an example. AIDA stands for

1.   Awareness

2.   Interest

3.   Desire

4.   Action

Here’s an example of how the AIDA model could play out in a classic job hunt plan strategy for you

1.   Awareness: A woman is walking down the street and notices a beautiful dress on display in a shop window. Thanks to the display, the shop has her attention.

Similarly, when you write or share valuable content on LinkedIN you have views on it. Lot of people view the post and few likes and comments on them. The audience that likes and comments regularly on your post is your next target audience.

2.   Interest: She walks up to the window to get a closer look and notices that the dress is currently on sale. She also realizes that she has just enough extra money in her pocket to buy it. Now she’s interested.

These people will have a close look at your profile. Will read your LinkedIN summary and experience area. They will start corelating with your content and will be frequent visitors of your wall

3.   Desire: The woman enters the store and tries on the dress. It fits her perfectly, she loves the way it looks, and she decides to buy it.

These are the people who will send you connection request and will get connected with you. They will have the desire to talk to you and look at your resume.

4.   Action: She walks to the counter, purchases the dress, and leaves the store. The buying journey is complete.

Now is the time when you share your resume against a JD with them and ask them for a strong referral.

As you can see, AIDA doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process—this scenario only would’ve taken a few months.

But the same cognitive process takes place before every connection in your network. And believe me, your first 5000 connections decide how strong your network can be.

And the strength of these 5000 connections depends on how strong your content is.

Content on Linkedin is like a slow poison that engulfs the audience so strong that they start adding content to your Life.

Keep networking and identify your target audience carefully.