It is an age of Transformation. Buzz words are Innovation, Technology, AI/ML/ RPA/ Digitalization.

JDs talk about hiring Head IT, VP IT, CIO, CTO, and CDOs.

But all these roles are somewhere linked with each other, and when you look at the LinkedIn profiles of these professionals, they look more n less the same. Yesterday I got a call from the CTO of a multinational bank, and he said I don’t know why but I keep getting calls for the role of CIO. I am a CTO. Why do I get calls for CIO?

I then checked his LinkedIn profile and evaluated the data around search results. His profile was getting reflected in the search results of the CIO. I understood the problem and optimized his profile with the right keywords.

His problem was solved. Then I started evaluating many other profiles of CIOs. CTOs and CDOs. They all had a common problem. They all were using the same language and keywords.

So today, I thought, let me try and explain to you how you can modify your profile to start appearing in the right search results.

LinkedIn keywords for CDOs

Keywords: Chief digital officer, transformation, mobile, social media, ecommerce, brand management, revenue, implementation, execution

Chief digital officers help a business transform its traditional IT policies, including creating and executing social strategies, determining key influencers, and developing new revenue streams. These people devise a digital strategy. They have a knack for e-commerce and know how to build brand loyalty.

LinkedIn keywords for CIOs

Keywords: Chief information officer, industry verticals, global, align/alignment, return on investment/ROI, profitability, operations, cloud/cloud strategy 

Chief information officers develop and direct the firm’s overall IT strategy, work closely with other senior management, and provide vision and leadership in all aspects of IT management and operations.

CIO needs to align the organizations’ IT Infrastructure with their business priorities and device strategies to drive profitability and not work on revenue or topline, which is the role of the CTO

LinkedIn keywords for CTOs

Keywords: Chief technology officer, infrastructure, infrastructure management, small/midsize/global company, specific technologies 

Chief technology officers set the firm’s overall technology standards and practices and make recommendations and explain technology solutions to senior management. CTOs are also tasked with managing the implementation of data systems and monitoring their effectiveness

LinkedIn keywords for VP IT

Keywords: Vice president of information technology, big data, technology management, cloud, collaboration, IT strategy, strategic planning, industry verticals

Vice presidents of information technology manage the tactical, overall operations of the IT department and work with the company’s senior IT team to help plan and coordinate both short-and long-term systems strategy and implementation.

Hope this helps you all to make an impactful Linkedin profile for yourself and evaluate what makes you different from other IT Leaders in the Industry