Are Women on Sabbatical eligible to join back CORPORATE world with a salary hike and next level of position in hierarchy?
Even before answering this question I would like to present a story , A story that every girl could relate to. Let me know in the end if you could?

Somewhere in a small town, in one of the maternity wards of a small hospital, a child is born. A small cute pretty girl. She holds the hands of her parents (Most Lovable Parents) and learns to walk. Step by Step she goes to School, then College, then University and finally gets to enter the CORPORATE WORLD.

In this phase of her life, she gives more than 100%, gets salary hikes, grows up the ladder and comes to a day when she is applauded in front of the whole team and handed over her PROMOTION Letter, She rushes back home, opens the door , hugs her father tight and hands over her PROMOTION letter with Pride.

Her father hugs her tight, Mother rushes to the Kitchen to get sweets and come back with box of chocolates and an envelope in hand. Hands over the envelope to her and with smile on her face, she opens it. There is a picture of a Smart and Handsome (won’t mind saying Dashing) boy. His Profile: Working in an MNC at a sound package and at a higher CTC than mine, based in another city.
“What about MY JOB?” The Girl asked with Surprise. “My Organization doesn’t have an office in Mumbai!. “Yes the city was Mumbai. This girl is from Chandigarh.

“You take a break!!!” came an answer with a spur from her DAD. “Spend time with us. You will not get an OPPORTUNITY to stay with us later on. Find a new Job and start FRESH in Mumbai. Who is stopping you? He said YES for your JOB. He is very supportive. Good NA!!!!” SHE AGREED.


Got Married. Happily Married. They Enjoyed HIS VACATIONS, Their Honeymoon and a NEW Life started. His VACATION ended and HE joined back. Same Office, Same Location, Same Level, Same CTC, New Hopes.

She started her JOB Hunt…With full Enthusiasm and Zeal. New #Resume. Updated #Resume which had last day at Work Nov 2017. After talking to couple of consultants and HR fraternity and explaining the reason to quit my JOB in first 1 minute of the conversation, she finally got a JOB in span of 6 months. Little less salary (She didn’t had experience of working in METRO Na that’s why), a junior profile but it was a FRESH START. She again geared up, worked with full enthusiasm, energy and zeal, got salary hikes and once again had her promotion letter in hand.

Rushed back home, opened the door, hugged her HUSBAND and showed him the promotion letter. He hugged her tight, opened the chocolate box, and made her eat her favourite chocolate. She was surprised. “How did he know about her Promotion?” Back in Room she heard claps and laughter of her In- laws and her Parents. She was taken aback with surprise and was elated to know that they all were there to celebrate her PROMOTION.

  • Yes.. She was Promoted from being a WIFE to a “would be MOTHER”.
  • Her medical Reports were lying there.
  • HER Second Sabbatical
  • Four Years have gone, She is a MOTHER of 3 year old cute little GIRL. Ready to JOIN CORPORATE WORLD AGAIN…
  • So.. IS SHE Looking for a JOB…. YES
  • Struggling to find a JOB…YES….
  • Hopeful…YES
  • Questions in HER MIND
  • Will I get a job at same level that i left at four years Back?
  • Will I get a chance to hold a new Promotion Letter in Hand?
  • And
  • When Will MY Third Sabbatical Start???? And what will be the Reason?
  • Help Her Please….