I wrote a post yesterday wherein I shared my experience of offering a job opportunity to a women and she denied because she could not relocate and when I offered the same job to another gender he accepted and was comfortable with relocation.

I got such a huge response on that post; some appreciating my concern, some completely denying and some asking me to weigh the situation a man and women might be in.

After reading all the comments I am completely stunned. We in 20th century still get so much offended on mention of Men Vs. Women. Women on that post agreed to whatever I said and blamed Indian society and their destiny. Men took it the other way and said that’s not true, even we sacrifice for women and family a lot.

Men Vs. Women?

Is this right? According to me a true human being is Half Men and Half Women. Rather I would say Half Masculine and Half Feminine. Lord Shiva is always personified as Ardhnari. Not because of the looks but because of the true balance of two sides of nature i.e Masculine and Feminine in one body.

Unfortunately the whole idea of success in our society today is Masculine.

So even women, to be successful overtakes her feminine part by her masculine part. She works hard, do long working hours, go out of home to earn and establishes a name for herself in her domain. I am not saying that’s not good but when she shadows her feminine part with her masculine part why such hue and cry.

In a similar way if Men over shadows his feminine part by masculine self why he needs to be ashamed of that. Men has right to be protective, caring, sensitive and as situation demands we see those aspects of him.

So it’s not Men Vs Women

It is Masculine Vs Feminine

And this is a fight one plays within himself as these 2 aspects exist within one body and not with anyone else. So why compare.