Hunting for a job is a journey that needs to be well planned and is not something that needs to be done Under stress or with any negative thoughts. Everyone goes through this phase and you are not alone who is at present going through this.

So stop empathizing with yourself and don’t expect others to empathize with you either. This is no self-pity situation but a phase where you get time to evaluate your own self and do that ONE THING you would have not thought of doing while in 24 X 7 job.( We all know all jobs now are 24X 7)

And that one thing is NETWORKING

Few days back I posted on my wall that I utilize my network to map the right opportunities with right talent. Few professionals commented on the same , they said

Shipra Madaan It’s more a publicity and popularity stunt. No one dares to help anyone without any reason.”

Other said

Rarely people respond and help here. Really shocking. People who r capable to help others, not ready to help. Very unfair

Reading these posts I realized there is still long way to go when people will actually understand the real purpose of LinkedIn and decided to write few points that is one step towards understanding the real meaning of LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn is a Social network where people from different industries, domains, geographies and pedigree come together to do knowledge sharing
  2. It provides a fantastic opportunity for everyone to showcase what you bring on the table and what makes you different from others through a powerful profile
  3. LinkedIn is a way to getting Linked IN the network and create your own network through which you can learn ways to grow and create a success story

Misconceptions about LinkedIn


  1. It is a job fair site. Yes, there are lots of job opportunities floating on this platform but that is just a part of this site. Just applying on these jobs will not give you an interview call
  2. When you drop one on one message to anyone, he is bound to reply back. If you think so you are just adding frustrations in your life. No one is bound to reply back.

So to get maximum utilization of LinkedIn follow these steps

  1. Do lot of posts and write on things that add value to your profile. Through your posts make people aware why you are best in what you do. Your content should be powerful enough to attract their attention.
  2. Talk to people without any motive. Don’t log on to this platform with expectations of job hunt
  3. Stay active on this platform even when you are not looking for a job.