This is a story about a boy from a small town in Vidisha, MP far away from the world of urbanization where making two ends meet is all that a person can aspire for. Let alone something like dreaming to build an empire or landing an offer letter for a secure job.

Amongst the people of this society, lived a boy, whose father’s financial income could support only one out of three sibling’s education, yet he dared to dream, a dream of working with an MNC in Mumbai.

A dream to make his life worthwhile and create an impact. With support and encouragement from his family, he completed his graduation.

He always had that zeal in his eyes, he just didn’t want to stop. The opportunities were unlimited, and the skill he had was in his books. He was lost but he knew he had to get somewhere. That night he slept looking at the sky full of stars trying to understand where his existence could actually make a difference.


Next day waking up, still clueless, he went out for a cricket match

Last over, last ball, and the opponent team needed 1 to win. The team was losing confidence and had almost given up when he came and repositioned all the team members and motivated them saying

“the game is not over yet. We still have one more ball to play with.”

All players standing determined to stop the ball. As soon as the ball left the hands of the bowler, it hit the bat and flew high in the air, so high that it was almost lost in the bright sunny sky when suddenly one of the teammates shouted “CAAATCH”. All the teammates ran towards each other for a group hug, living in the moment and so happy as if they were holding the world cup trophy in their hands.

Everybody looked over to him and praised him for his wise decisions.

That’s when it hit him like a rock.

This is the skill he possesses; he knows how to manage and motivate people


He did an MBA and joined the Corporate World.

It was like working at a place where he belonged. Proving his excellence on day to day basis, he climbed the ladder of the corporate world one step at a time.

Everything was going on par with the dream, and one day, he got a call from a consultant giving him an opportunity in Mumbai, his dream city. Any person would be head over heels being on that call but he was scared to the bone.

Weird but true, he had always been managing people and he had no doubt about his ability in that but going to a city where English was the mother tongue. The world might be ‘TOO PROFESSIONAL’.

A small-town boy living in ‘the city of dreams’ but not fluent in English. He remembered an instance where he was thrown from the stage just because his English wasn’t up to the mark. His confidence shattered. But then he worked hard – grabbed control of this language and prepared himself for an interview.

He knew he couldn’t let this opportunity be one of his ‘lost before playing battles’. He knew he had to work hard towards it to at least give it a try. He sat for an interview. When he stepped out, he wasn’t able to show but inside he was holding the world cup trophy once again in his life.

Every year he got promoted from handling teams starting from city to state and finally reaching a level where he was managing the entire retail operations at PAN India level.

This Sunday morning sipping hot tea, he discussed his journey with me so far from a kid who couldn’t even speak English well; and now, he not only transformed his life but many of his team members and made them believe that sky is the limit if you hold on to your dreams.

A Motivational Speaker is Born .


The person in the story is Mr. Neelesh Satoniya, Retail Operation Lead with a leading MNC in Delhi, heading business PAN India and a motivational speaker ready to step in a new phase of life because for him


Learning can never stop.