She called me and was completely stressed out. I worked on her husband’s resume a few months back, and she was the one who called and appreciated the work I did. She said the day she starts looking out; she will reach out to me. A perfect couple who were clear on what they want in their careers.

Today her voice was shaky. I could sense the nervousness and stress in her voice over the call. I said, what’s the matter?” I thought this would be something related to her job. After all, I hear so many voices every minute of my day where many professionals are struggling to find the right opportunities. But her pain was different.

I thought she would also say, “I LOST MY JOB.”


She said, “I LOST MY HUSBAND.” It was Covid.

The line went silent. My memories took me back to the conversations I had with her husband. He was a Service Delivery Lead with one of the MNCs (I can’t take the name here) in Bangalore. A fantastic career and a true leader.
I gathered my thoughts but kept quiet. My lips were sealed. She said, “I need help. Would you please work on my resume now? I need to plan a better career as I am the only bread earner for my family. She had two kids and In-laws to take care of now.”

I asked her to share her resume, promised I would do my best, and kept the phone.

I started scrolling my Linkedin wall up and down. I Don’t know what I was looking for. But then, one job posting caught my attention.

Role: Service Delivery Lead
Org: IT MNC ( Same as his)
Loc: Bangalore
Posted 2 weeks back. Applications 500

This was his role. They are looking for a replacement.

People get replaced professionally but leave a permanent void in our personal lives.

Value each other. Respect each other. And Plan for the worst.

I am speechless.