Every day, we meet people and gather experiences that shape us into who we are. The experience can either be a lesson or a memory. This is a story of one such experience we recently had that touched our hearts.

Last month, we got a call from an individual, a VP of Financial Planning with a Gurgaon MNC, serving his notice period.

He was looking for better career options in the same city, and hence he asked for our help.

We could understand his current situation. The pandemic has made everything, including job search, more challenging.

While checking his profile, we advised him that he can get a better opportunity outside Gurgaon. But he denied it because his mother wanted him to stay with the family.

At one moment, we thought he was limiting his career, but then we thought of his family responsibilities.

With limited opportunities in Gurgaon, we had to be creative in finding suitable jobs for him. So, our search continued.

A few days passed, and we got a message from him.

‘I lost my mother’, he said to me.

We could sense his trembling voice, and we felt sorry for him.

A few days later, he called us again and expressed that he would still like to work in Gurgaon. He doesn’t want his mother’s soul to feel that she was holding him back.

The conversation was touching, and we felt that the crux of success always lies in core relationships.

It’s not only one individual’s story; at Kaizen Consultants, we see several stories similar to him. We see people requesting help on LinkedIn, and we see many people providing support.

In one way or the other, we all are going through similar challenges. Yet, platforms like LinkedIn make us feel connected.

In this post, we are sharing our learnings from LinkedIn that we got over the years, and here’s how you can leverage it.

 LinkedIn Brings in Massive Potential, Only If You Use it Right!  

It’s essential to know the two most common LinkedIn mistakes.

  • First, most people use LinkedIn to grow their connection list blindly. Instead, they should focus on building relationships.
  • Secondly, once the other person accepts the request, people bombard their pitch without knowing who they are.

From the years of experience in managing LinkedIn marketing strategies, we have put together these tried-and-true approaches. Hope they help you as much as they helped our clients!

Let’s dive right in!

 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Grow your Profile

1.    Set Clear Goals

The purpose of using LinkedIn should be clear. Whether you want to accelerate your career or grow your business — divide the goal into small actions.


If you want a career boost, your goal should be publishing content that will show your expertise. You can also expand your profile’s reach and visibility by commenting on others’ posts.

2.    Profile Optimization

While writing the bio, keep the target audience and potential employer in mind and avoid self-promotion.

Having a professionally written profile bio can help you generate more traction. Demonstrate your skills and offer something to build trust.

3.    Authority Positioning

Your profile should reflect your expertise. For achieving this, focus on creating problem-solving content. It could be a small DIY or some tips to bring a change in other’s lives.

Check this example below. In one of our posts, we talk about how employers should give resumes the attention and time they deserve.



Before publishing, ask yourself — how this content is different and why is it important for my audience? You can add statistics or real-life stories to keep your audience engaged.

4.    Mindful Awareness

Stay updated on things happening in your industry and in general. It will help you contribute to an ongoing discussion.

Other professionals will start noticing your contributions, and all these efforts will add up.

5.    Focus on Your “Why”

Share content that revolves around your ‘WHY’. Every content you publish should act as a stepping stone.

If you want to grow your personal brand, create content that fuels this purpose. On the other hand, if your goal is to step up in your career, reflect on your skills.

6.    Get Your Connections Involved

Engagement and interactions are the keys to LinkedIn’s success.

Involve your connections in your post and ask for suggestions to gather their valuable insights.

7.    Personalization

Whenever you send an InMail, personalize the message beyond only adding the prospect name. Research them and add a little information to grab attention.

8.    Check Analytics

Pay attention to what kind of content is working for you. Identify the patterns and plan your future content accordingly.



LinkedIn can be a stepping stone to your success; make sure you use it right. Stay updated with us for the latest LinkedIn profile optimization ideas and marketing strategies.

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