Success Vs Failure

How do I measure my Success OR How do I measure my Failure?

I have USD 5000 in my bank account….I had USD 500000 in my bank account last year.

Am I a Failure?

I was a Senior Vice President with an MNC last year…I am jobless rite now

Am I a Failure?

Few days back I read in a newspaper that a man celebrated his 100th Birthday and is still energetic and full of Life. When questioned about his reason of being so energetic at age of 100. He said

” I am a Walk -King”

He said I never had enough money to buy myself a car or a Bi Cycle so I became Walk-King.

SO did he turned his failure into his well-being.

The fact is there is nothing like Success or Failure.

These two terms are just an IDEA.

A beggar had a lucky day today. He collected Rs 20 in the first half, went to a Dosa shop, ordered a masala dosa and enjoyed the same sitting in an AC restaurant. This is Success for him.

So change the IDEA to change the perception of Success and Failure.

An IDEA that is all yours and not influenced by outer society.

An IDEA can change your life 🙂